Direct tenant sourcing through a professional California Certified Business Brokerage Simi Valley is a pro-active method and additional resource to complement conventional marketing of vacancies. Case in point: A conventional listing of a 2,000 square foot space in a busy center vs promoting a 2,000 square foot fixtured store identified to a specific target market and end user. Those fixtured assets are worth money and the ability to promote pro-actively and directly to an end user brings us results you don’t find utilizing conventional methods. We use alternative advertising to CoStar, AIR, and Loopnet.

“Business Brokerage Simi Valley” marketing can provide outside the box results while using our data base and marketing tools to those specific end user tenants.

We are not suggesting conventional marketing be taken off the table; What we are suggesting is that a secondary method of promotion by a Certified Business Broker be coordinated to run simultaneously on those fixtured spaces. Our channel of promotion and our data base of buyers seeking to purchase specific type business opportunities and fixtured space may give a business buyer the ability to lease what they need for less. In turn, think of the asset savings in not having to demo and the potential recoupment of back rents through key allowance monies, or fixture sell off.

Essentially, any fixtured store, salon, professional space, or restaurant is a great candidate for direct tenant acquisition through our Commercial Business Brokerage Simi Valley. We become a tenant rep and a conduit to work on a co brokerage fee with the listing agent, or directly with the asset management.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any future opportunities


Randall Barondess