THOUSAND OAKS, CA, Dec. 15, 2009 – If you’re among the growing legions of individuals seeking to position a business for sale or buy a business to counter this challenging economy, don’t make a move until you consult “The Committee”.

That’s the invitation of Troop Business Services of Westlake Village, CA which this month (Dec.) launched “The Committee”, a weekly series of business reports offering advice on the sale and acquisition of small, mid-sized and large businesses. Sponsored by, “The Committee” is presented in POD CAST format posted in MP3 audio files accessible via

“The Committee comprises a panel of certified business brokers hosting industry specialists in frank discussions concerning all facets of business with an emphasis on sales and acquisitions,” said Randall Barondess, director of Troop Business Services, who hosts the POD CASTS. “We are here to help main street business,” Barondess stated.

Barondess revealed that the initial POD CAST features guest speaker Mike Frawley, chief deputy district attorney in the Ventura County District Attorney’s office, and Rodd Feingold, a California Certified Business Broker, concerning “very controversial topics.”

Subsequent POD CASTS will feature a four-segment series on coin operated Laundromats, five segments on restaurants, and two segments on buyer/seller remorse.

Other planned series will be on Credit Card Merchant services which will include a segment on Credit Card Fraud, Insurance, Small Business Finance, and Small Business Administration (SBA) issues.

These will be complemented by programming and recording on most major industry segments and other issues concerning business acquisition, positioning business opportunities to sell, leasing, tenant representation, and forecasting the short and long-term business outlook.

“The overriding benefit of this business POD CAST series is that listeners can access programs at their leisure and re-visit individual segments of particular interest to them as their schedules allow. Additionally, they can look forward to a broad cross-section of programs featuring diverse business opportunities”, Barondess said.