WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA, July 7, 2009 – GABULOUS.COM, the inventors of what it terms a “groundbreaking” free consumer Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telecommunications service supported by relevant advertising information, is seeking a buyer or joint venture partner for its patent pending technology, announces Phil Shapiro, the owner.

“The groundbreaking GABULOUS.COM technology brings free VOIP service to consumers via an ad based, non-intrusive delivery system. Consumers will get exactly what they want – free phone service, discounts and coupons on their favorite goods and services. With over 24 million current VOIP subscribers nationwide, and a projected double digit yearly growth, this represents the next big play in the technology sector,” Shapiro said.

Among key features of the GABULOUS.COM VOIP service are patent pending proprietary technology, “seamless integration of relevant advertisers, friendly and intuitive consumer interface, and an elastic revenue model allowing for affiliate and other ancillary revenue sources. This service will also be able to be private labeled for use by any large consumer based organization who wishes to offer its project to its customer and or subscriber base,” Shapiro stated.

Randall J. Barondess, C.B.B., director of Troop Business Services Division of Westlake Village, CA, who represents the ownership, said they seek to either sell their patent rights, enter into a partial sale, secure venture capital for build out, or participate in a joint venture for an inventor/employment-equity contract. Asking purchase price is $30 million (U.S. Patent & Trade Office #20070274483).

Barondess said that GABULOUS.COM will provide “a unique VOIP service that combines community, content, commerce and culture in a way never before seen. Meanwhile, it will deliver what people have been starving for – relevant ad information, free VOIP services, and discounts and coupons for their favorite products. The system will feature the newest, most advanced and reliable broadband VOIP technology combined with a sophisticated advertising model designed to generate revenue, promote user loyalty, and advertiser penetration.”

A full executive summary, business plan, ramp up, and system drawings are available, Barondess said. He added that GABULOUS.COM plans a “soft launch” of its VOIP service as a Beta in Winter, 2010, followed by the launching of the production version of the site in mid-2011.

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