What do we do?

  • Real Estate Asset Acquisitions and Sales
  • Business Brokerage
  • Site Development
  • Commercial Leasing

At Troop Business Services, our brokerage and staff serves in helping small and mid market businesses “confidentially” package their assets & goodwill for sale, provides guidance in due diligence, formulates strategy, and “confidentially” promotes our listings locally, nationally, and around the world . Our real estate broker specialists provide exceptional guidance in the sale, lease or acquisition of commercial properties. Business acquisition specialists, assist in finding qualified buyers that have the resources needed to acquire those business opportunities. We work within our industry and seek the fastest, most efficient and professional method of providing successful business sales, mergers or acquisitions.

Sell or Buy a Business

Experts at Preparing Businesses For Sale, No-Cost Valuations and Lease Modifications Troop Business Services Division prepares small, mid-sized and large businesses for sale by confidentially packaging the business and providing guidance throughout the sales process. With our proven marketing strategies we find qualified buyers that have the resources needed to acquire those business opportunities.

Why Troop Business Services brokerage Division?

At Troop, our Business Services division will ensure our clients the highest standards of professionalism and knowledge of our certified agents. We will maintain and continually educate our agents to ensure our clients of our unique market niche.

Troop Business Services works closely with Troop Commercial and Residential agents to ensure seamless multiple transactions which may occur from a sale of a business. We all specialize in our own area of expertise, however, our cross marketing and staff integrates knowledge and manpower needed to accommodate the overall needs of our clients. In most any business transaction there is a lease or multiple lease assumptions, or new lease options which will be required.

Troop Commercial has the knowledge. Maybe a commercial building purchase or maybe a strip mall owner who is managed by our Troop commercial division can utilize our services to fill voids in the occupancy rate of their properties. Cross marketing means full service to our clients.

What is a Business Brokerage?

Business Brokerage is a profession made up of people with varied backgrounds who professionally assist privately owned business sellers and buyers, sell or buy a business.

A Certified Business Broker offers significant service to the marketplace. We create a network and channel for which the public can actively sell and buy businesses with the highest standards of professionalism and confidence. We serve the public by creating and bring to light the hidden values and assets of small to moderate size business. We serve as an intermediary dedicated to our customers, while maintaining communications and an accurate timely flow of information between all parties in a transaction.

Certified Business Brokers work on a code of ethics which makes every attempt to protect all parties within a transaction from fraud, misrepresentation, and any unethical practices. The public’s best interest and those parties involved within any business sale or acquisition is always paramount.


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